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okay, so the new community has been created.

if you are currently a member of this community, and wish to remain a member, direct yourself to dreamers_online.

this community will be up for a bit longer, so that other members may get this message and move to the new one.

thanks for all of your help and support.

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i was thinking of scrapping this community.

well, not completely.

what i was considering doing, is restarting it, with a new community name, etc., so that a) it would be more obvious as to what this community is for, and b) it wouldn't seem like i have no clue as to how to spell "express".

what are your thoughts on this? i wouldn't want to do such a thing unless i could get all of you to transition to the new community with me.

i also would be wanting to put more effort into promoting the community, so that we can get more active members in here to discuss dreams and interpretations and such, instead of the 3 or so of us that post our dreams every now and again.

if i would be switching the community to a new name, what are your suggestions as to what to call it?

if it happens, i want it to be a group effort, especially for those that are active in the community.

let me know your ideas.
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I had an odd dream this morning just before waking up:

I was at some sort of a party (not a Christmas party) in someone’s apartment, and as we were getting ready to order some hot wings I suddenly got up and went with Sue to our new apartment.

We went to a ‘garden’ apartment complex in Queens, and found a huge two-story complex painted blue with a white balcony all around the second floor (continuous, so you could walk all around the building). When we opened the door to our new place it was a huge apartment (bigger than our real house), two stories tall with an open ‘living’ area and lots of rooms, very nice and fully furnished. But when we started moving our few boxes of stuff in, we found there were a bunch of college students hanging out in it. It turns out that there was a door that was open between our apartment and the next one, where the college kids lived. As soon as I closed and locked the door, we realized (as they kept coming in) that there was a panel on the wall, held loosely on with nails, which also allowed access between our apartments. As I was trying to fix that, we realized that there was a huge section of wall actually missing between our apartments, with only a flimsy accordion screen to close it off.

The college kids kept wandering in and out of our apartment, despite the fact that we kept trying to keep them out. They were all wandering around naked, acting really annoying, and one girl and one guy in particular were making crude attempts to hit on me and Sue respectively. This is where you might expect it to turn into one of (ahem) THOSE dreams, but both the dream-Sue and I were just really annoyed by them all.

We started walking around the outside balcony, looking for the manager’s apartment to file a complaint, and then I woke up.
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I’ve been having odd dreams lately, but I forget most of them before writing them down. Last night:

I don’t remember the first part of the dream (maybe there was no first part of the dream and I just think there was), but at some point in the dream my parents (?) have purchased a department store for me so I don’t have to work, I can just live off the department store’s revenue. I go to visit the store, and it’s at one end of a mall in a somewhat urban area out east (out east is more rural than urban, but there you go). It has a big red-and-white sign that I can’t read (dream-writing) but that reminds me somewhat of the ‘Pathmark’ logo I think. The store is part of a chain; I guess it must be a franchise if I ‘owned’ it. I walk through an open cafeteria-type area to get to the store, which has one huge room with floor-to ceiling windows on two walls, and then a confusion of smaller rooms upstairs, downstairs, and around it. I think the floor-plan kept shifting. The rooms are crammed full of things; especially junky old furniture (I see two couches kind of like the old couches we had from Sue’s grandma), packed so tightly together that I don’t know how we were walking on the floor. There are about a half-dozen salespeople there, even though there’s no customers; they’re playing games, smoking pot, fooling around... I ask them if they sell a lot of this stuff, and they say yes, but not right now because it’s winter and nobody comes out east in the winter. I’m very nervous, because I don’t know anything about running a department store or what I’m supposed to do, and I assume it’s a big job even though the nominal point was that I wouldn’t have to work.

I leave the store and go out in the parking lot, which looks different now than when I came in. I’m driving down the road, but I’m also walking down a hallway (sort of like a subway station) at the same time. I can see grass and street-signs by the side of the road, and also white (tile?) walls around me and a white ceiling overhead at the same time. I drive around a little; it’s very hilly, with lots of odd winding roads that won’t lead me to the parkway I’m trying to get to. I come to a set of three turnstiles/exits leading to three hallways/roads, and I’m not sure which to go through, so I ask the police officer standing there (a female police officer? It looks kind of like the transvestite cop from “Psycho Beach Party”) for directions. As ‘she’ gives me directions, instead of listening to ‘her’ I use a black marker to draw eyes and markings on a white Styrofoam (?) head that’s sitting on one of the turnstiles. It’s important to do that, like drawing on the head is somehow writing the directions down or something. After I’m done I have to go over to the big information-booth style desk that’s there and pay for the head I drew on.

I also have a vague remembrance that at some point in this dream or another dream Sue and I were both murdered. I remember no details (two gutted corpses with their mouths open against a wall, everything colored blue?), only that I felt very odd because I wasn’t upset at all that we had been murdered, it seemed perfectly normal. It's actually upsetting me a little now, now that I think about it.
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Last night’s dream:

I’m going to another state for a meeting, and I’m staying overnight (like I really am on Monday). I arrive at this huge hotel. Everything is very dark, as often in my dreams, and also as often in my dreams the indoor and outdoor spaces kind of merge so it’s hard to tell if I’m inside or out sometimes.

After walking through the huge lobby, I take the elevator to the top floor, the 99th floor. I get there almost instantly, then realize I have no idea where my room is, so I go back down. In the crowded lobby I go up to the desk, which bears a striking resemblance to the information desk at one of the Borders Bookstores that I go to. I start asking about my room, but two old ladies on either side of me see each other and realize they know each other, so they rush together and start talking, one pushing against me from one side and one pushing against me from the other side as they talk around me. I somehow manage to sign in; there’s some information on some lists written in pencil, but I forget what it is.

At some point I realize that I’ve forgotten my luggage, and also my lunch. Some of the people from Monty Python’s Flying Circus are also there in some capacity, as managers or busboys or whatever.

After seeing my room and getting some vague instructions about where I have to go I go down to the parking lot, which is conveniently located inside the lobby (or right next to it with no walls between). There’s a small booth there, like a toll booth, and another person from work (nobody I know IRL) is going into it to get scanned by a blue-green laser for some reason. The person running the booth wants me to get in, but I have to park my car first.

The breaks of my car are incredibly soft. I keep ‘overshooting’ the parking space I want, then overshooting it again when I back up. I start poking around to see if I can figure out what’s wrong; now the inside of my car is filled with dirty pipes, switches, knobs, capped tanks and pipes, and so forth, right up to the tiny slit windows. I screw open one cap, and realize that’s where you check to see how much gasoline you have. I start pulling levers pretty much at random, until I find one that opens the hood. I get under the hood (I get right in there!) and the view from inside the hood looks pretty much like the view from inside the car, except there are also endless yards of brightly colored electrical wires all over. Using the incomprehensible manual, I finally find one cap that I pop open and start pouring some break fluid into, even though I’m pretty sure that it’s the clutch and not the break.

There was a lot more, but I’m forgetting it all now.

Incidentally, whereas it’s very easy to forget your dreams if you don’t try to remember them (at least for me it is), I find that the act of writing them down somehow ‘fixes’ them in my memory. Reading over old entries in my journal, I find that I can remember the dreams I’ve written about more vividly than I can remember many of the things that ‘actually’ happened to me.
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What's wrong with me?

Ok, I had a VERY disturbing dream last night. It was so disgusting that I woke up feeling as though I was going to vomit...

I dreamt that Tiffany and I we're at a funeral home. There was a recently deceased middle aged woman lying in a coffin. Tiffany said that we should steal her body so that she could decorate her room with it, as a statue. We took the body back to her dorm room and placed it in a wooden drawer. Eventually the body started to smell and I noticed a wriggling maggot on my finger. I looked down at the body. The neck of the corpse was hollowed out and seeping with maggots and bodily fluids. I asked Tiffany, 'What are we going to do, the body is starting to decay, we need to get rid of it'. So we both started to eat the flesh and the organs. They tasted salty and acidic. I started to gag. We disembled parts of the body to devour. We we're left with fragments of the corpse; head, limbs, torso. There was a bit of flesh left over but mostly the skeleton remained. We still didn't know how we we're going to get rid of the bones, so we put the remains into a yellow bucket and tossed it into an open, abandoned space. The police came and asked us a bunch of questions. I told them the truth about how we stole the body to decorate Tiffany's room. In the middle of the dream, Tiffany chases me into the bathroom holding a spider, threatening to throw it on me. In her room, she has a giant stuffed spider and web on her ceiling.
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I had a strange and very vivid dream last night.

I was going to a job interview, and Sue was going with me. We drove through the sunny but slushy streets (which seemed very familiar to me), and came to an industrial court, where we parked in one parking lot and then went into a different building. As soon as I got to the interview I realized that I had worked for this company before, even though nobody seemed to recognize me. There were quite a few people at the interview, and we were all put on computers for an aptitude test. The office was strange; it’s hard to describe, but the décor somehow reminded me of being in a big fishtank or something! It was dark, and there was lots of dark fake-wood and shiny black and bright ‘plastic’ green, and planters with fake plants and such. As we were just getting into the aptitude test I stopped, and told the guy in charge that this seemed like they were looking for data entry people, and I don’t think the job would have the salary or benefits I was looking for. Sue and I went back to my car; it was now parked in a reddish dirt lot around the unfinished frame of an office building that was under construction. I think there was some problem with someone we met in the lot, but I don’t really remember that part.

The oddest part of the dream was that I knew I had already worked for the company where I was interviewing. The faces and voices of the people there were so vivid, that when I woke up I half believed that I HAD worked there in the past, in real life; but as I thought about it, it definitely wasn’t a ‘reflection’ of any of the jobs I’ve really had, and I don’t think any of the people there were even people I know or knew in real life.

I think – I could be mistaken, but I think – that those people and that job were actually from another dream that I had quite some time ago, where I dreamed I was working there.
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I had a weird dream over the weekend (I don’t remember exactly when):

I was coming home from somewhere (work?). I took one of the roads I often pass, but not the one that goes to our house (in waking life), and sort of jumped right from driving on the road into being in the living room of my dream house (which looked nothing like my real living room, of course).

There was a woman there – a woman who was pretending to be Sue. She looked nothing like Sue and acted nothing like Sue, and I knew she wasn’t Sue, but she was trying to convince me that she was Sue and although I don’t remember anyone else being in the dream I had a feeling that she’d already convinced everyone else that she was Sue.

The whole thing had a very nightmarish quality. For some reason when I woke up I had an image in my head of a white wall, with thumbtack holes all over it, and a blurry picture of Sue screaming tacked to it. The image was very vivid, and for a few minutes I saw it every time I closed my eyes. It’s still a little disturbing to think about.
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We (we being me and my family?) are living in a big house that is (as usual) an indoor / outdoor space, with walls and ceilings that are sometimes there and sometimes aren’t, and so forth. The main floor also seems to be sometimes at ground level and sometimes one (or more) stories above the ground. The house isn’t exactly ‘run down’, but seems oddly unfinished; undecorated, bare walls and floors, raw concrete and cardboard grays and wood browns for color, and so forth.

A couple who we don’t know is getting married. There’s a monastery (or something to that effect) inside the house (!) that you reach through a fenced-off “alley” type area behind the kitchen, and that’s where the wedding is taking place. The bride and groom, who we don’t see much of, are dressed in sort of 20’s or 30’s fashions. The Pope (I think) is present at their wedding. We see a bit of them because you have to walk through our house to get to the monastery.

I’m looking down on the backyard from the main floor; there’s no wall there now, or only a chest-level wall perhaps. The wedding guests and family are overrunning the back yard, running around and playing games like kids. The mother of one of the married couple is in the house; she’s a black-haired woman, extremely snobby and annoying, and very familiar for someone we don’t know! In a bit I notice that there’s a huge pool of water coming out of a deep gouge in the floor next to the bathroom. Kevin (my brother) comes out of it holding a big bucket and joking about something. I go in and find that all the plumbing beneath the sink is missing, so of course all the water is just going onto the floor. I grab some big stainless steel bowls and put them under the sink to catch the water; they do catch all the water, even though they should have started quickly overflowing. The annoying woman is going on and on about how she can’t believe we’re using such expensive bowls like that, but they look just like the stainless steel cooking bowls we have in waking life, so I had no idea why she would think that.

There’s a lot more, but I woke up and went back to sleep a few times after this dream, so I don’t remember it.
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Last night they had a ‘Meet the Artist’ thing at the bookstore where my paintings are hanging. Towards the end of last night I was sitting there with Sue and Bob, and looking at a woman sitting at a nearby table, and I had the feeling I sometimes get that I was absolutely positive I had seen that exact scene in a dream before. I even remember that in the dream I was trying to figure out how to tell Sue what I was feeling without whispering to her in front of Bob, just like in real life.
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