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I had a strange and very vivid dream last night. I was going to a… - Dreams and Nightmareland [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Dreams and Nightmareland

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[Dec. 10th, 2003|10:41 am]
Dreams and Nightmareland


I had a strange and very vivid dream last night.

I was going to a job interview, and Sue was going with me. We drove through the sunny but slushy streets (which seemed very familiar to me), and came to an industrial court, where we parked in one parking lot and then went into a different building. As soon as I got to the interview I realized that I had worked for this company before, even though nobody seemed to recognize me. There were quite a few people at the interview, and we were all put on computers for an aptitude test. The office was strange; it’s hard to describe, but the décor somehow reminded me of being in a big fishtank or something! It was dark, and there was lots of dark fake-wood and shiny black and bright ‘plastic’ green, and planters with fake plants and such. As we were just getting into the aptitude test I stopped, and told the guy in charge that this seemed like they were looking for data entry people, and I don’t think the job would have the salary or benefits I was looking for. Sue and I went back to my car; it was now parked in a reddish dirt lot around the unfinished frame of an office building that was under construction. I think there was some problem with someone we met in the lot, but I don’t really remember that part.

The oddest part of the dream was that I knew I had already worked for the company where I was interviewing. The faces and voices of the people there were so vivid, that when I woke up I half believed that I HAD worked there in the past, in real life; but as I thought about it, it definitely wasn’t a ‘reflection’ of any of the jobs I’ve really had, and I don’t think any of the people there were even people I know or knew in real life.

I think – I could be mistaken, but I think – that those people and that job were actually from another dream that I had quite some time ago, where I dreamed I was working there.