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Dreams and Nightmareland [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Dreams and Nightmareland

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(no subject) [Nov. 23rd, 2003|09:56 pm]
Dreams and Nightmareland

[mood |sleepysleepy]

We watched “Waking Life” tonight, an animated film written & directed by Richard Linklater, about life and dreaming and reality and all sorts of weird things.

It’s great. Watch it.

At one point they were talking about three ways to recognize that you’re in a dream:

-Clocks and watches will not have correct displays.

The one time I remember seeing a watch in my dreams, it had the wrong number of hands. Sue says she’s noticed that clocks in her dreams always have abstract displays.

-Small writing will be incoherent.

Whenever I’m dreaming and don’t know it, I never try to read anything. If I do know I’m dreaming, and I try to force myself to read a newspaper or book or something, it’s always a gibberish of random letters that usually disappear when I try to focus on them. Sue says in her dreams anything she tries to read is always gibberish also, but she always knows what it says anyway.

-You can’t change the lighting; for instance, if you find a light switch, it won’t turn anything on or off when you flick it.

Sue and I both can’t remember ever trying this in a dream. I’ll have to remember to try it if the opportunity arises...
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(no subject) [Nov. 19th, 2003|10:42 am]
Dreams and Nightmareland

[mood |groggygroggy]
[music |My throbbing head]

I was telling Sue about my dream Monday night, and she said she remembers once (not Monday night) when I was trying to yell in my sleep and she shook me awake, and a few times when I was laughing in my sleep.

Last night:

I was staying in a motel. The rooms were huge, and furnished like a house, and everywhere in the motel (and outside the motel) it was very dark. Dark brown furnishings and carpeting, dark walls, 40-watt bulbs behind brownish-yellow shades, inky dark-brown night. One of the sales reps I work with, Doreen, was bugging me because she had wanted me to print some letters or something for her. I had totally forgotten, and was digging around for the letter. I was speaking to her on the phone, I think, but I could see her face. My boss was staying in the motel also. I remember visiting his room for a minute; it reminded me of a room I’ve been in somewhere, but I can’t remember where!

Now we were outside in the parking lot, and it was day for a while. The parking lot was old and the asphalt was faded and cracked. A chunky, seedy, Mediterranean-looking man who had something to do with the hotel was trying to get a job playing the fiddle; he played very well for a while, then he started playing it oddly, balancing it on his leg (he was sitting on a railing) and banging it and twanging the strings. The person who was with me (my boss?) made a very derogatory comment about his playing, which I thought was unfair.

We were back inside, in my boss’s room again. The room was huge now. In the room was a gigantic cardboard box, at least 15’ x 15’ x 6’ high. There were piles of Styrofoam packing peanuts in it, and a few people doing something inside (I could see inside the box, as if from above, even though the side of the box was taller than me). I had something (I’m thinking a ruler, but that’s not right) that my boss had wanted me to bring, and I threw it into the box.
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(no subject) [Nov. 18th, 2003|04:09 pm]
Dreams and Nightmareland

[mood |confusedconfused]

I’m trying to remember my dream from last night. It was the first time in ages that I woke up trying to scream. I really did.

I was living in a rustic old house. It was both a house and a muddy, woodsy outdoors area at the same time, one of my indoor / outdoor areas. We (we, but who was there besides me?) were packing up to leave. We were moving somewhere. I was packing everything up in my room on the second floor, which I think had a door that opened right onto the driveway. It might not have even been a door, but an ‘open’ wall that was there and yet wasn’t there. There was a big wooden wardrobe with lots of stuff in it – old jars, tin TV trays, it was like the junk drawer in a garage. Everything in the room was old, like it was a storage attic; old games, old toys, old plain furniture. We were leaving some stuff behind for a specific reason, to annoy the people who were moving in maybe? But we were taking other very important stuff with us. I went into another room, a room that was somehow part of a dark, muddy, wooded hill. I was in the room but I knew I was also under the hill. There was a large storage cabinet in the wall, with a door that opened by swinging upwards. The door started shaking and trying to open itself, and for some reason that horrified me.

I woke up trying to scream. Good thing for sleep paralysis, I would’ve scared Sue out of her wits if I had screamed like I was trying to.
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(no subject) [Nov. 13th, 2003|10:50 am]
Dreams and Nightmareland

[mood |artisticartistic]
[music |Steely Dan - King of the World]

Odd dreams lately, but I’ve been too burnt with allergies and stress to write them down.

Last night I dreamt we (Sue & I) were visiting Pat & Kelly’s new apartment. They were renting several floors of a tall, narrow building. Each floor was about 30 feet wide by about the same length, and each floor was one room. There were tall ceilings, and one wall of each room had large windows, like in an office building.

The lowest floor they showed us (not ground level) was their living area, which I don’t remember much about except that it was nice and furnished sparsely & tastefully with the sort of furniture you see in the more tasteful “upper-class” houses I’ve been in. There was a stairway in the middle of the room (actually two stairways, one ‘up’ and one ‘down’ facing in different directions, like escalators in a department store), and we took it to the next level.

The second level had off-white walls and a dark rug with some sort of pattern, and was full of knickknacks, like odd Victorian cabinets and mirrors. There was a round glass table with a support that looked like part of a large manikin, from the waist to the top of the thighs, dressed in a skirt, and some of those chairs shaped like hands.

We took the stairway in the middle of that room up to the third level, which I think was sort of unfinished and under construction, but I don’t remember the details. That was where we were going to sleep (we were staying over). In the corner of that room was a small, triangular elevator platform surrounded by yellow bars (for safety; it was an open platform) that led to the roof.

Sue & I & either Pat or Kelly went up in the elevator to the roof, where the triangular elevator platform was enclosed by a yellow railing. Either Pat or Kelly had to stay behind to work the controls; oddly enough, I don’t remember which one did. The roof was so high up you couldn’t see anything but breathtaking blue sky around it; there were no buildings tall enough to be seen since we weren’t right at the edge. Actually, since the elevator was in one side of the room, I guess we must have been right at the edge, but for some reason we only looked in the other direction without turning around. There were two workmen in hardhats repairing something on the roof, and they yelled at us that we weren’t supposed to be there, so after a minute we went back down without getting out of the ‘cage’.

After that we ended up going to a movie with some of my brothers. Everybody was on different lines going in, but since we had our tickets already we could cut the line. Going into the garishly colored theater (I think the hallway was orange) you passed a tiny refreshment stand, which sold things like nachos and beer. By the time we got into the theater, my brothers were seated already, so we asked one of the people seated next to them if they could move to another seat, so we could sit by my brothers. The person did, but then a big fat person came in yelling that we had taken a seat that was supposed to go to a blind rabbi (?), so we yelled back and forth for a while before he settled down.

I realized at this point that the seats in the theater were facing in different directions, and there were two different screens on opposite walls. The seats we were in were ‘stadium seating’, with each row of chairs higher than the last, and faced a wall with no screen, so there was one screen on the wall to our right and one on the wall to our left; the ‘floor seats’, where the fat shouting guy sat, were all on the same level and faced whatever screen they were nearest, so in the right half of the room they faced the right screen and in the left half of the room they faced the left screen. Our ‘stadium seating’ section was against one wall, and faced the floor seats. I woke up before the movie started.
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(no subject) [Oct. 29th, 2003|08:53 am]
Dreams and Nightmareland

[mood |sicksick]
[music |Marilyn Manson, dunno the title...]

Sue & I were going into a concert with Marilyn Manson. He was a really nice guy, with long red hair and red stubble on his chin. He was also a hermaphrodite, with real (fairly small) breasts, pretty much naked from the waist up except for shiny white makeup (I saw his stubble while he was finishing up his chin makeup). We went from outside into a big backstage area, like at N. coliseum or something, and we were following him as he walked around. It was a big backstage area, with what looked like (empty) storefront shops all lining the hallway. Everything was painted dark brown for some reason. He wanted to see some video (I think it was animation done for one of his music videos?) before his concert started, so we followed him through hallways, down stairs, and through a bunch of rooms until we got to a little room to watch his video.
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(no subject) [Oct. 21st, 2003|06:42 am]
Dreams and Nightmareland

weird ass dreams last night, and i hadn't even slept that long:

dream #1: i was at a Renaissance Festival, and there was some heavenly singing. i followed it to a booth, where there were women acrobats around, and two girls in full Renn garb standing in a doorway, singing. i stood there, listening in awe, and realized they were missing a middle harmony. so i began adding my own, filling out the music. their mistress (who looked like a frumpy bar mistress in days of yore), announced that they would be needing another person to apply to be part of their entourage. i jumped up and down, stating i could sing with them. she shook her head and said that they had enough singers, that i couldn't be a part of them, since i didn't know how to juggle and ride a unicycle, or any other such thing. i sat on a little dusty, grassy mound to the left of them and sang my heart out with them anyway. when waking immediately after this dream, i had even remembered the lyrics that we had sung. i don't remember them now, but think we were singing about someone named Somara.

dream #2: i was with someone, and we were going to break into a lab somewhere. i knew it was extremely risky, and sure enough, as soon as we pulled up, she got out of the driver's seat, and i saw James Earl Jones pulling up in another car, disguised as a limo driver. he and a couple of others got into the car and put a gun to my head, telling me i was going to cooperate. they then took me inside the lab, where i was forced to paint toasters with brown paint. the surface was weird, and my paint was runny, so mine turned out pretty bad. the mom from all of the National Lampoon Vacation movies and her kids finished way before me, but i was sent back to put another coat on, because you could still see the black stone underneath (the toasters were black stone for some reason.) i knew that john cusak was going to come rescue me, but that he was tied up in things for a little while. i was then walking outside with some scientist lady that worked there. she got stuck at the light, and i thought i might get away, because across the street was a man playing in a hammock with his children. but the stupid light wasn't changing, and i certainly couldn't walk across the street before it told me i could, even though there were no cars! she caught up to me, and i slyly told her she could trust me not to run away. she showed me a rare flower that held all of her passion as to why she was affiliated with the evil scientists.

dream #3: i was suddenly back in high school, but it was dorm like. we were never allowed away from the building. it was lunch time, but i had to go back upstairs and get my own milk. it was then that denise (my RL best friend all through high school) told me that there was a seating pattern. i frantically looked everywhere for the memo on this, and when i found it, i couldn't read who my partner was. it was then that she informed me that it didn't list specific partners, but that it was by the first letter of your last name, and that you were responsible for finding your own lunch partner. i recoiled in horror and dread because i remembered how much i couldn't handle socializing or talking to people in high school, and because since i knew that since i had come into the school year late, that everyone had already paired up, and that i would be an outcast.
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(no subject) [Oct. 18th, 2003|07:49 am]
Dreams and Nightmareland

[mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[music |Marilyn Manson - see the angel with the scabbed wings]

I’m with Sue at the shopping center with the comic book store. It’s very dark – not nighttime or overcast, just DARK. I look in the window of some store – a jewelry store? – and there’s a comic I want to read there. Somehow I’m flipping the pages and reading it through the window.

We go back to my car, which is a white 80’s car in the dream (it’s a black 90’s car IRL). There are two huge, muscular, long-haired body builder types leaning on my car while they talk to someone. They frighten me for some reason. I talk to someone – a female police officer? – and when I come back the men have left.

We’re walking down the road (I guess we left the car) away from the shopping center. It follows the same path as it does IRL, more or less, but it’s bordered by huge trees that look vaguely like a rain forest. There are vines stretched across the road, high up, like telephone wires. The first set of vines we pass is covered with squirrels hanging upside down from it. They’re all still, like they’re posing, and they’re so regularly spaced that we comment on it. The next set of vines we pass are covered with possums, also hanging upside down. One of them is out of place, not regularly spaced like the others are, and he nips me as we go by.

Now we’re in the city. We’re in a small building of attached apartments, all in a weird design with hallways etc. branching off at odd angles instead of right angles. Sue is wearing her chainmail bra, and looking for her chainmail panties; she finds them on a table. The two body builders (who are very dangerous men) live there, and they’ve stolen one of my paintings. We hide outside until they go out, then Sue looks in the door of their room and locates the painting. There are two women in the kitchen of the apartment. They offer to buy the painting on behalf of the guys, and I say I’d do it for $75 dollars. But the women first give me a twenty and a bunch of blank money-sized paper, then give me the rest of the money covered with dried paint but when I scrape the paint off there’s more blank paper inside, so we take my paintings (now there are more than one in the apartment) and leave, even though we know it’s very dangerous to cross the men.

Sue knows an underground path that leads to an industrial area with lots of highway overpasses and steel girders and such by the roadside. We rent a tiny apartment at the back of some lot to hide out in; it’s just big enough for two small mattresses, one on either side of the tiny shower booth, and has one tiny window high up on a wall. We cross the (parking?) lot to the booth the guy renting the apartments works in (like a toll booth). In front of it are big bins with cheap, thin pillows, blankets, futons, etc you can buy for your tiny apartment. We get some pillows, and go back to the apartment, where we start getting ready to make out.

The dream skips over that part (damn!) and now we’re walking along one of the bridge / overpasses by the apartment, with a young boy (I have no idea where he came in). While we watch, he beats up a vagrant and sets him on fire. Then I woke up.
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a different way of looking at the same place [Oct. 17th, 2003|06:20 pm]
Dreams and Nightmareland


we've just checked into the hotel. the walls and the carpets are all very white. i want to sneak around and explore. i know i'm not supposed to go on any of the other floors. there are maids and workers everywhere, and i cannot make it to the elevator unseen. the door to the stairwell, however, is open. i slip in while no one is looking. on the second or third floor i find my parents' bags sitting in the hallway. a bellboy must be about to return to bring them into our room. i'm still carrying my own bags with me, so i leave them here to be brought in with the rest. i am kind of frightened, like something very bad may happen. i don't want to be here. i look into a large room and see that they are preparing it for a wedding reception. the roses lying on the tables worry me. i am very nervous. now there are tiny kittens everywhere. many cats brought together in this hotel. the kittens are adorable, but how can we take care of them all? why don't these people have their cats fixed?

i live in an orphanage where the lights are always turned off. i am a boy, and i have fallen in love with a girl who lives in a different room. we very rarely have any contact, so i have to send messages through another girl. the messenger has a crush on me, and she thinks that i like her back. she would cry if she read the notes she's carrying. she doesn't understand that i have found true love.

the forest used to be a happy place, and we grew beautiful things. then she covered it all over with thorny vines. soon there was nothing but thorns. for many years we were miserable and hungry. now someone has discovered a new plant. it is food, and they can make hamburgers out of it. they build a factory beneath the thorns. when they have grown enough plants and made enough burgers, they open a restaurant. everyone in the forest comes to the grand opening. we sit at picnic tables outside. the thorns clear away.

i'm reading the book frankenstein to my nephews, who soon turn into care bears. they're like little white marshmallows, and when i turn on the lights they change color. the story is all about care bears. i am a wizard. my nephews want to make macaroni and cheese. one of them dumps in half a carton of milk without measuring it. i tell him to pour it back out, into a bowl. it's full of noodles. i tell him, "you need to measure the right amount." he says, "i don't want that much."
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(no subject) [Oct. 17th, 2003|04:29 pm]
Dreams and Nightmareland

[mood |tiredtired]
[music |Marilyn Manson]

I had weird dreams last night. I remembered them vividly when I woke up, but then they suddenly disappeared...

I remember I was somewhere with a huge black ram-like thing, it looked like a ram but had no horns and long glossy raven-black hair. I shot it, as a joke, but the long metal dart I shot into it injured it terribly, which I hadn’t intended, and I was upset because I had to kill it to put it out of it’s misery.

In another dream I was in a big front yard with a huge tree, but I don’t remember any more of that one. I might have been a young kid...

In another dream I was staying somewhere, in someplace that had many rooms, some of which looked like a bed & breakfast, and some of which looked like an office. There were lots of people there, and Sue was there. I was walking along through a string of rooms and offices, some of which were also outdoor spaces like (rather drab & dirty) front yards. At one point the floor was under (deep) water, and some people were swimming, and others were walking across small slabs of floating Styrofoam that reminded me of icebergs. Then we stopped in a room with a small curtained stage along one wall, and I think we watched a play while sitting on pillows on the floor, like little kids in school. Finally, somebody wanted to have an office of their own, so I was helping them look through the building for an empty office.
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(no subject) [Oct. 9th, 2003|10:25 pm]
Dreams and Nightmareland

[mood |stressedstressed]
[music |Travelling Wilburys - End of the Line]

I had three odd dreams last night that I remember.

In the first, Sue and I were members of some organization; not exactly the “Men In Black”, but a similar sort of thing, with a secret headquarters (no, we weren’t in black suits). The headquarters had been taken over by some group, and we had to stop them. To do that we had to go somewhere and / or get something, so we went down a stairwell with an open shaft in the middle, like in an office or apartment building... then over to another stairwell... and we kept going up and down (mostly down) stairwells for the whole dream. It was all very dimly lit and gothic, with cobwebs and such, although the décor varied some from area to area. It was sort of like a video game, in that we had to avoid certain beings and traps and solve certain puzzles; I remember we avoided one monster (I don’t remember exactly what the monster was like) by figuring out that it only appeared at a certain place and time (every few minutes), and always disappeared a certain time later. It was very oddly “atmospheric”, but not scary or anything.

The second dream I only remember a brief bit of. I was in my parent’s kitchen (sort of) and I saw two big hairy caterpillars crawling on the counter. I wanted to squish them or otherwise get rid of them, but they kept getting near or under things like dishes and paper towels (which for some reason I couldn’t move out of the way). Eventually they reached a piece of fruit, which a big black wasp had landed on. One of the caterpillars latched onto the wasp’s but / stinger end, and began to somehow merge with it.

In the third dream, I was living with my brother Kevin in a tiny little attic loft. The room was barely big enough for a mattress and a little end table, and the two slanted walls met in a peak above the bed that wasn’t tall enough to stand upright. I don’t think there was a door or anything into the room. Kevin was happier and more animated than I think I’ve ever seen him in real life (he was younger too). The “walls” were covered with posters, but had been painted baby blue over the posters (and the thumbtacks). There was a model of the twin towers on the end table, and pictures of them all over. Kevin started taking down the posters, but was a little uncomfortable about it because they were posters of the twin towers and he wasn’t sure there were enough pictures of them in the room without the posters.
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